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Robert Hagedoorn | Maryland | 2016-11-15

Chas Conklin is a phenomenal ambassador for Porsche. I came to test drive a different car, but after a test drive in a 911 and the phenomenal service and personal attention, I was sold on Porsche. When I buy my next one, and I hope there will be others, I will definitely rely on Chas again.

Andrew Langlois | Maryland | 2016-04-15

Casey deserves more stars than are allowed. My Porsche search began 4 years ago when I saw the new Cayman body style. I went to the release party in Annapolis and started planning/reading everything I could get my hands on about the car. I put my R32 up for sale and began getting serious about my new endeavor. Once I decided I wanted an S model, the GTS came out making my decision harder. I decided to go down to Silver Spring since they were affiliated with the Costco program. Upon arriving I met THE MAN, Casey Parkin. His first question to me was what type of driving will you be doing? I answered with some track days, but mostly daily driving. He told me that the S was enough for my needs. Now that's a true salesman, listening to the customer instead of the little voice saying "up sell." Once we started going over options it became clear that the GTS was a better bargain for the money. I would have spent the same money on the S with a bit less in the car. I'm just about 3 1/2 weeks away from going to Leipzig to take delivery and have a week of driving in Germany. I've always been a German car guy, VW, Mercedes and Porsche. I can't thank Casey enough for his knowledge and expertise, I don't even have my first one yet and I'm planning my second to buy from Casey. I will have no problem sending any and all to THE MAN.

Michael | MD | 2016-02-26

Casey is really great to work with and knows his cars. He made it all so easy.

Philip Harvey | MD | 2016-02-26

I have purchased Porsches from Jay Cleiman for almost 30 years. He knows these cars inside and out, makes sure any idiosyncratic service problems are remedied promptly and is always fair, honest and engaging. I give 5 stars only because I can't give more.

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